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Well I pulled down the tower and antenna yesterday and checked as I did before putting the antenna up initially and it seems perfectly fine. No shorts or opens as I checked between where the balun fits in to the "harness" and elements it connects to. Nothing out of the ordinary. Connected the cable via the original balun to the UHF elements and I get nothing on the ground. Connected to the VHF harness and I get 7 and 12 like when up on the tower. When the antenna is "down" it is in a treed yard and I don't expect to get much reception, especially on UHF.
Just for fun I left the alligator clips attached to the UHF element harness and put the antenna on the roof. Now I get CBC out of Winnipeg but nothing else (antenna is pointed south away from CBC) which indicates it is likely working.
Thinking the balun/combiner is no good. I just spent $60 getting a new one and I have no incentive to spend another $60 on another one. Thinking I could invest in two 75 - 300 ohm baluns and use a separate combiner? Just have to make something up to connect the balun 300 ohm leads Cu) to the antenna harness(s) which is aluminum that won't react (galvanic). Maybe silver plated alligator clips?
It's a lot of work to take the tower up and down so I hope to do it once....!

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