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I was helping out my brother with his Rogers connection within the past 7 days and fixed his issue. He was getting booted off of Xbox Live on an abnormal basis. I told him to enter in my public DNS server that I operate here in Mississauga as his DNS1 and told him to enter in Google's as his secondary, and his problems went away immediately.

As an independent hobbyist public DNS server operator, I can tell you personally that there are a lot of cloud VPS subscribers primarily based in USA and China who run attack scripts on DNS servers except that they run them from many different IP ranges simultaneously, which completely bypasses the DoS preventative features of DNS servers such as BIND and Microsoft DNS. I was able to help my brother stay online, because I've taken measures by writing a script that proactively blocks the major cloud VPS providers in my DNS configuration file, effectively making my single DNS server to be the best in the country, in my opinion. I'm a Rogers business internet customer, but since I run this server also for local DNS recursive queries, I also did not have any issues. What I did notice though is that most of the public DNS servers in Canada did go down or were inundated with many, many bogus DDoS type DNS queries. lists all the global DNS servers it can scan, and many of the Canadian DNS servers listed lost quite a bit of reliability percentage score. Not mine though.

In your WAN DNS config, just use two different provider's DNS servers. I like to use one from Google's and one from another reliable public provider, but don't make both DNS1 and DNS2 from the same ISP or media type. Do a ping test on both of the ISP provided DNS servers in your ISP's pamphlet....Whichever provides the lowest ping time, just use that as your DNS1 and then use Google's as the other.

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