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Ok, guess I'll have to pull the antenna down and do this check. Always have a few regular baluns around. It's a brand new CB-8269 but of course that doesn't mean it works. If nothing is grounded or shorted in the antenna harness or elements that would indicate only one likely possibility (unless the feedline or connector(s) is bad). Thank you for the information @rabbit73 and @Red Knave .
@fgt I use two HDHomeRuns and find they work relatively well. I use an Extend for nthe DX antenna (not working great right now) and a Connect for locals. It is likely a good idea to have ethernet with gigabit capability so there is lots of bandwidth headroom in your LAN even if they are 10-100 connections. I use one TV that uses wireless to connect to the LAN but it is 5.8HGz, I find the 2.4 wifi doesn't work as well. I am using a Uniquiti UniFi AP-AC-Mesh radio as an AP and it works really well. There are other options for network receivers that may be as good or even better, but these have worked well for me.

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