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Originally Posted by Cham View Post
With the fancy Wingard antenna up on the tower I could only get CKY and KNRR (both within 30-40km. Nothing else! Seems dead as a door-nail! Would get better reception with a wet noodle. If I pointed it north right at Winnipeg I could scan in CBC but it blocks and fades out sporadically.

I must be missing something... likely an issue too obvious for me to see...! Where else should I look? Any ideas appreciated.
Originally Posted by Red Knave View Post
You have to suspect the balun.
I also suspect the CB-8269 balun.

Winegard has a troubleshooting video. The idea is to check each section of the antenna with a conventional balun clipped to each set of wires for UHF and VHF.
How To Troubleshoot a Winegard Antenna Cartridge Housing

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