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Very poor results from HD7698P

Have had this antenna for a few years. Originally installed it on the roof with a tripod and worked well picking up local and distant US stations to the south. We had the roof re-done, and it has been in storage for 2-3 years. Meanwhile I have been using an old VHF log periodic on a tower nearby with two HDHomeRuns, one connected to the log periodic for dx, the other on a 4-bay bow-tie pointing north for locals.

I finally got the HD7698P up in place of the log periodic up about 40' on the tower, new feedline and I had also replaced the Wingard balun (part of the antenna) since it looked to be corroded, didn't want trouble.

With the fancy Wingard antenna up on the tower I could only get CKY and KNRR (both within 30-40km. Nothing else! Seems dead as a door-nail! Would get better reception with a wet noodle. If I pointed it north right at Winnipeg I could scan in CBC but it blocks and fades out sporadically.

CKY is about 40km away antenna pointing right at it!:
Modulation Lock 8vsb
Signal Strength 61%
Signal Quality 90%
Symbol Quality 100%

Brought the tower down and put the log perodic back on and reception is back the way it was.

Checking the HD7698P I find no shorts in the vhf and uhf elements, good continuity between connected elements etc. Not finding anything wrong with the antenna itself. Nothing obvoius with the balun/circuit board. Seems electrically the same as the old one (continuity checks etc). I didn't check operation with the old balun (yet) though. Connection between UHD and VHF conductors at the balun seems fine.

I must be missing something... likely an issue too obvious for me to see...! Where else should I look? Any ideas appreciated.

Was looking forward to better UHF reception to the south.

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