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the $68 dollar monthly package is what shaw offers, what can i do about it, lol

I don't think that data transfer and download speeds would affect streaming quality right?

the next level up is for internet 15 (15gb download speed, 150 GB data transfer, for $82 per month)

It seems like the higher that GHZ the lower the range, which would suck because i'm already having issues with range.

I guess i will have to start researching wifi extenders because i don't think the 2.4 GHZ range is going to be good enough.

based on my limited research a 802.11 ac (wifi 5) with 3.4 GBPS and 2.4 GHZ (multiple antennas) seems to be the most reasonable/best option at the moment. Hopefully the stream quality will be better (I think?) and will give me the range of a 2.4.

when i do buy a new wifi router can i just unplug the old one and replace it with a new one, or does is take some sort of special installation? Last time a shaw tech guy came and did all the work for me.
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