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I just read that a 5.0 GHZ Wifi router is faster than a 2.4 GHZ Wifi router but the 2.4 GHZ wifi router will cover longer distances in the house than a 5.0 GHZ wifi router. If this is true than this is a problem. One of the reasons i want to new router is because the old one doesn't cover enough distance in the house. When I'm outside in my yard i can't get my own wifi, but i can see a list of everyone elses wifi in the neighbourhood in my wifi settings (password protected of course so i can't use it)

When ever i watch a game on the TSN app it works fine on my phone, but when I mirror it to my TV it's imperfect. The TSN app doesn't have a chrome cast option on it (like it does for youtube), so it have to go into my phone settings and use tap on the casting feature to mirror it.

Not really familiar with the suffix's like G, AC, AX. Will have to do some research. Stumbled upon other suffixes like N and AE. Don't know what they mean yet.

I have an old cheap shaw internet plan (Internet 5, 65GB of data transfer $68 dollars a month) don't know what the download and upload speeds are because they don't offer this plan anymore. I know that's a very small plan, but I'm not a heavy data user so it works for me. Could this cheapo plan be a problem to?
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