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First, I'm going to Assume that you have NOT confused HDCP-1.4 (2009 spec appvl date) and HDCP-2.2 (2013 spec appvl date) with HDMI-1.4 and HDMI-2.2 [which is just now coming out]. You didn't cite a mfr & p/n, but from fol. HDCP version dates, it's certainly possible that a projector could have two different HDCP version Input Chips [cuz they were quite different]....but only HDCP-2.2 [via HDMI 2.0 or later] would work with BD/UD-Players: [2.x is quite different than 1.4]

"The Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) spokespersons have stated (Sept. 2014 at IFA show in Berlin, Germany) that the Blu-ray, Ultra HD players, and 4K discs are expected to be available starting in the second half to 2015. It is anticipated that such Blu-ray UHD players will be required to include a HDMI 2.0 output that supports HDCP 2.2."

BTW: Chip mfr's don't finalize their designs so they can make some prototypes that eventually go thru Certification (by HDMI Inst) and Chip-to-Chip Interoperabiliy Tests....many months after HDMI & HDCP spec appvl 2015 is likely earliest date to buy equipment based on spec appvl dates of 2013.

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