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Its not just cellphone manufacturers but other electronics devices too are starting to have a small lifespan of only 2-3 years at most. But lets stick to the cellphones to keep this on topic. Knowing the phone will be obsolete within roughly 2 years, no software updates, no security patches, etc. poor battery life, etc. why on earth would someone still drop $1500 on a brand new iphone (or even non iphone) to get the latest and greatest gadget? that's not a smart investment. you will never move ahead in life by doing such. Why? cus I have a friend who does this very same thing and always complains he has no money. He spends well OVER a grand on a phone outright, does not even get 2 years of use from it, and the phone gets damaged or broken or lost, and he is back at square 1 again looking to buy another expensive cellphone to replace that one. come to think about it, he probably spent up to 10 grand on cellphones in his life, does this look normal to you? someone who just got married and is struggling to find money for a downpayment on his new house, but for some reason cant understand why he does not have 10 grand kicking around? I tell him the 10 grand he needs is sitting in the junk drawer full of phones he bought which is now worthless pile of e-waste. he got mad at me at first but then realized I was right and made a drastic change in his life.
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