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Guys, all of you, thanks for the help. I just got home and now have storms moving in; my internet (as well as TV) are satellite, so I'm libel to loose my connection soon, so I wanted to reply quickly. It appears I've got some studying to do.

I had not heard of the rabbit ears site, I'll have to look into that.

I know TVFool is slightly off, at least for me, because some of the stuff I am getting is not listed. At the moment, with the inside setup, I'm not getting any FOX channels.

holl_and. I don't care if you're a professional antenna guy or not, from what I've read so far, it seems you know your stuff. Don't sweat it. Any and all screw ups are mine, nobody else's. I'm just hoping you all will be around to help bail me out when the time comes.

I hadn't thought about wind loading on the L shaped aluminum. I thought of it because I have a small amount (not enough to make an antenna with) and its cheaper than the round solid stuff or square tube stuff that Lowe's carries and its lightweight. It also doesn't require me to do any straightening of the wire. I can cut it and be more precise than trying to bend the wire. I'm gonna have to think some more on that.

I'll need to take another look at the channel listings. I think the TVFool report I had seen only showed one FOX station and it was listed as being on Ch 9. If there is UHF FOX, then I might not need the VHF.

In the map that rabbit73 posted for my location, the nearby stations going slightly northeast, shown next to the Highway 2 indicator on the map, are the only channels I'm getting. But as I said before, the antenna is inside. I did use the top and bottom, I guess they're called NARODS, bent at 45 and separated by 1/2 inch. The drawing I had found has different dimensions and the feedpoint is separated by 100mm. Its a .pdf file I downloaded, from where I don't remember, but credit is given to onetransistor.blogspot. Its the variant 2 version I attempted.

major tom, I've downloaded those 3 packages, thanks. Are those completely what I need for the nec program or do I still need something else? Are they command line programs or will they run in X?
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