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Originally Posted by yankeeindixie View Post
I started playing with electronics in the 6th grade science club, where we built crystal radio receivers. I'm now retired ( a span of approximately 50 years).
Ah, yes. I built my first crystal set when I was 8; also a long time ago. I used my bedsprings for an antenna and fell asleep with headphones on listening to WOR.

Welcome to the forum, yankeeindixie.

You have channels in many directions. I suggest you concentrate on the UHF channels from the NE first since you are in the trees.

Later, you can add a separate VHF antenna aimed at Panama City, and combine the two antennas with a UVSJ UHF-VHF Combiner.

This is an image of your report:

These two reports from should have an accurate list of channels:

As holl_ands mentioned, WDJR FM is strong enough, at -15.4 dBm, to possibly cause interference problems.

If you try to add a preamp for weaker channels, it probably will be overloaded by the very strong WTVY.

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