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Originally Posted by majortom View Post
Hi, if you are really interested in getting some of the tools going in linux, let me know.
I can probably help to get ya going fairly quickly to at least be able to take a source file that someone else prepared, and be able to run the simulation locally...
majortom (Tom?), I'd really appreciate that. As I read through the various posts, I come across "in-line" sections, full of numbers and letters, which I assume describe the antenna which is being talked about. As is, I can't make heads or tails out of them.

I'm running Debian Buster, which is the RC1 of Debian 9. I have found and installed Xnec2c from Debian's repositories, which is version 4.1.1. I have copied the above mentioned in-line files to use as input (under open file menu selection). This opens a 2nd window for me, but I'm presented with numerous errors, which I click OK to, to get through them all. (I have to assume that the files are correct, otherwise they wouldn't still be there, thus there's something wrong on my end.) I can then see a lot of stuff in a window, of which I haven't a clue as to what I'm looking at. I've come across some of your posts, where you display the results of the program, but what I'm seeing doesn't look anything like what you present.

If I remember, some of the errors I see say some type of Card error. I read that the nec program was originally written in FORTRAN. That a ham operator took it upon himself to convert nec to C language and put together the Xnec2c.

I no longer have any of my FORTRAN books. It has been around 30 years since I last saw an IBM punch card. Am I correct in assuming that each line of source file is equivalent to an individual punch card? That when I see references to cards, they are referring to an individual line of the file?

I've been trying to brush up on my antenna theory. I was never any good with Calculus and the last time I used that was prior to the punch cards, but I'm seeing formulas, which to me anyway, resemble Calculus. I'm assuming that these modelling programs take care of all the heavy lifting mathematics, so I don't need to relearn that stuff?

I'm also hoping that once I have the program operational, that all the variables will start making sense as to what they are?

Going back to my aluminum choice. I seem to remember learning about E and H fields, the electric and magnetic fields. I'm now coming across E and M fields as I read. Did labels change, like E to V did in Ohm's law equations?

If my memory is still working correctly, along a waveguide, the E fields would run along either the vertical or horizontal faces of the waveguide and the H field along the opposite faces (which on which depending upon polarization). With the "L" shape of the aluminum, being only half of the shape of waveguide, I was wondering what affect, if any, would be caused? If there is an effect, it might dictate which direction I need to orient the "L" shape. I'm making another assumption, that these programs can/will account for something like that?

I've also tried to use nikiml's plugin for Firefox, but still no joy.

Any help you can give me getting the programs running would be greatly appreciated. Doing all this remembering, so far back in time, especially since I haven't used it much, is really making my head hurt. I think I'll stop thinking now and go get something to eat.

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