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Thanks for the feedback. I had taken a look at the FAQ and it helped me rule out a lot of potential causes. But i believe that it comes down to videotrons feed.

I too have the pace551HD. I was first wondering if it was the box but i went over to a buddy's who has the a HD-PVR from videotron and he had the same PQ. I could only conclude that it was the digital signal as on different TVs, different STB showed similar PQ in SD. In testing the analogue, it showed to be far superior to digital SD.

Here is an interesting link i found.

It's in french but it should give you an idea of the bitrates that videotron is using for image in each channel which is a factor in PQ. I would tend to agree that in general, the channels assigned a higher bandwidth for video had better PQ.

After searching these forums, it seems to me that the consensus is that satelitte has slightly better SD PQ. A question for the satelitte guys. Do most of your SD channels have >3 Mbits. Is there a way to check this?

Thanks in advance

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