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Buying the phone outright is a great idea, if you are one of those individuals who takes good care of their phone, no kids, like the features on their phone, does not care if newer technologies are made available and becoming commonplace and your still using older technologies, wants to get the most for their money, and will use the phone till it dies.

Getting a free or low cost phone every 2 years is good for someone who does not have as much disposable income, who has already negotiated a good cell plan and renews every 2 years for a hardware upgrade, who has young children who constantly take the phone and throw around causing the screen to crack, or drop it in the toilet causing it to be water damaged, who wants to keep up with advancements in technology, as older phones are quickly becoming obsolete, for example most phones have built in batteries now and after 2-3 years the phone is practically not worth it to replace the battery and if you do decide to, the phone will probably have obsolete os by then and most apps will be optimized for newer hardware and operating systems. so its a tough choice to make for that one, but you gotta think it thru and look at your family situation
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