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Although I don't use iTunes much, it allowed me to copy my CDs onto my computer years ago. It then allowed me to make additional CDs for my vehicles which was useful at the time and still is for our 2005 vehicle. For our newer vehicle (2014) I copied my music to an SD card which I inserted into the entertainment system of that vehicle. I also copied my music to a "thumb drive" that is plugged into my BD player.

Some people have their music (from CDs or other hard copy or download) on their iPods, iPhones, etc and don't stream.

Not everyone streams. I don't use "the cloud".

I also back up my iPhone and iPad to my Computer using iTunes. The Mac Mini computer is backed up using Time Machine to an eHDD that is stored in another part of my home, along with occasional backups to a thumb drive kept off site in case of a home catastrophe. The Mac Mini files are also backed up to a MacBook Pro on occasion that I use when travelling.

iTunes is also used to transfer specific files (like specific photos, etc) from one device to another, although I've been using Air Drop for that recently.

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