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Thanks guys. I have Cat 6 twisted pair to every room in the house but decided to use an HDMO over coax solution. My poor old Bell Home Hub 2000 seems to be limping under the present load on it.

I picked up a Hall Research EXHD-RG6 HDMI over Coax Extender. Two boxes. One at the satellite receiver HDMI in/two coax out so you can drive two TVs. The second box: Coax in and HDMI out for the TV and a coax output to send signal (daisy chain) to another receiver box. Works like a charm. Super simple set up. I think the price was ok: $289 + HST + free three shipping by courier. I have structured wiring so the coax goes to one central location in the basement. I moved the satellite box to the basement and connected it to the HDMI input on the transmitter and hooked two TV's to the coax. Worked great. The satellite box has an RF antenna so we can control it from anywhere in the house.

But then I needed a second receiver (demodulator). Oddly enough if you want another receiver (demodulator) box to feed another TV that costs $462 on Amazon and I could find no Canadian supplier. So I bought a second mod/demod set. I should have taken your advice and gone with SIIG. Right now two TVs is ok but it would be nice to add two more if I could get Hall demodulator boxes at a reasonable price. I would get an HDMI splitter and use the second modulator to drive two more TVs or leave the second modulator on the shelf and daisy chain all four TVs. I have two Coax cables running to every TV.

Would anyone know who carries Hall Research products in Canada? I assume they will not work with any other brand.

Thanks for the advice guys. Solved my problem. Just another example of the value provides.
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