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Originally Posted by Zank Frappa View Post
I tried Fongo but changed to Textnow, it seems a little more stable plus I like to support local Canadian businesses. Totally free phone calls in Canada and the US via wifi.
Fongo is based in Waterloo Region.

I've used Free Phone Line (same company as Fongo) in conjunction with an ATA device for many years now. I've got one of the grandfathered free plans. It's great. Sounds and acts just like a landline. My ATA (analog telephone adapter) and cable modem are connected to a UPS to enable use during a power failure. Free long distance to just about everywhere in Canada. Call display, voicemail, call forwarding, call waiting, etc., are all included. Note that Fongo charges a high fee for 911 use...if you need 911, use your cell phone to avoid the fee.
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