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Hurricanes [ONLY around North America] use the Saffir-Simpson CATEGORY Strength Scale: [Compare to areas other than around North America]

Compare to Tornado Force "F" would NOT want to be in an F2 Tornado:

Location for Tornadoes in Florida...selectable by "F" Scale:

Interactive Map for Sea Level Rise Impact to selected Coastal Cities (incl. Sarasota, FL) shows barrier islands (e.g. Siesta Key) being somewhat impacted with "only" 3-ft Rise...and seriously impacted at "only" 4-ft Rise [relative to current coastline]:

As much as a 3-ft (nearly 1-meter) MEAN Sea Level Rise could occur by 2070 [incl. recent estimate for more rapid Antarctic melting]...or perhaps even SOONER, since recent data shows a more rapid increase....Max Levels during Hurricane Surge conditions would be even HIGHER:

BTW: The original Climate Change Study Reports were intentional in presenting overly CONSERVATIVE estimates [i.e. Firmly supported by incontrovertible FACTS]....ignoring several important factors since at the time they weren't able to ACCURATELY estimate their impact....such as the effect of MASSIVE amounts of Methane being released "soonish" as the Tundra Melts....and how FAST the Antarctic and Iceland would melt....which we NOW see is MUCH more rapid than originally estimated.

We ALL should be VERY CONCERNED....just take a look as the HUGE SPIKE in the Atmospheric CO2 Level CONTINUES to SKYROCKET [as measured at top of Mauna Loa in Hawaii]...and way too politicians poo-poo any plans to reduce and/or sequester Carbon Emissions:

Antenna Simulations, Overload Calculations, etc:

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