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I've been in two moderate Hurricanes: Hawaii and Norfolk, VA....but missed the ONE and ONLY in San Diego County, which skirted along the coast in 1858.

A friend & his wife were in a Hotel at Poipu Beach, Kauai, HI when Major Hurricane forced them to cower in tub.

One of my brothers was stationed at Homestead AFB when Super Hurricane ANDREW (Aug1992) hit....he was TOTALLY SAFE in his nearby appt....but the base was heavily damaged...and eventually shut down.

My other brother was in Sebring, FL just outside the Eye of Major Hurricane IRMA (Jul2017):

Nowhere in Florida is truly "safe"....although inland is a bit safer...but it's still a crap shoot whether you will eventually get hit or NOT in what remains of your lifetime:
Course: Map Interpretation and Analysis

Florida Hurricane Tracks for 1916-2015:

Hurricane History in Florida...Tracks for each Category Storm:

Hurricane Search Engines: [Messy Search Engine] [Year-by-Year Tracks, but only up thru 2016]

Best Website for Tracking CURRENT Tropical Storms, incl. Hurricanes and Cyclones:

Antenna Simulations, Overload Calculations, etc:
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