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While I agree with your comments in general and I don't condone piracy, I think a little history might be worthwhile to show why piracy exists.

Back in the day, I was able to watch every Toronto Maple Leafs game without "additional" costs. The CBC carried HNIC and when Global TV was born, Global carried all the weeknight Leafs games. Same for MLB and NFL. You could catch almost any MLB or NFL game on network television. Low and behold those leagues were profitable back then without the twinkle of TSN in Ted Roger's eye.

Then along came, I'll call him, Mr. Greed. The BDUs figured out how to make an amazing return on investment by taking pro sports out of the public domain and into the hands of private corporations. Today my sports viewing consists of HNIC (streamed on CBC's flimsy platform), the rare televised NFL game on U.S. networks, or my subscription to MLB.TV. Honestly, I cannot afford any other sports subscriptions as I'm now retired but unfortunately, have the time now to follow sports more closely.

The way I see this is eventually the cost for these services will be out of reach to most Canadians. A recent report from Stats Can showed that almost half of Canadians are only $200 a month shy of insolvency doesn't bode well either.

The demand is there for these services. They just need to be priced competitively so most Canadians can afford them. Otherwise piracy will never cease.


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