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Question Any Replacement for Home Distribution Feature of Bell 9242?

Hi Folks,

I have been using the Home Distribution feature of the Bell 9242 PVR for a number of years. The Home Distribution (rebroadcast) feature is very useful because I can both watch live and recorded shows on any TV in the house, not just those connected to directly to the PVR.

This is done using co-axial cable run from the 9242 to TVs in the basement rec room, basement bed room, upstairs bedroom and kitchen. Great for Blue Jays games. You can work in several locations and keep tabs on the game without having to set up 4 PVRs to simultaneously record the same program.

But my faithful 9242 has developed a problem. The HDMI output works perfectly to the master TV but the remotes on coax all suffer a steady chirping sound in the audio. The video is problem free (albeit low res). I have not checked the capacitors yet but I will have a look. Yes there are refurbs on the market for $200 to $300 but they are old now too and may not have much service life left. These may be good choices in the short term but eventually I will need to make a change.

Has anyone any advice/recommendations on a way to replace the Home Distribution functionality of the 9242? I want to be able to watch a recorded show on almost any TV in the house.

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