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I've been having the same problem using Bell Mobile internet for quite a while now. I have a Win10 desktop and an older Win10 notebook; both completely up to date. the notebook has wifi built in. The same problem occurs intermittently on both computers. I connected my desktop with an ethernet cable but same problem. I installed a new antenna; same problem. I bought a new sim card; same problem. A friend was here a few days ago with a new Lenovo Ideapad 330S notebook and he stayed connected for 2 days without one failure and with better speeds than my usual speeds. Maybe I have to buy a new Lenovo Ideapad because nothing else is working. The only Bell router I can find within 150 k costs $399 (recommended by Bell becaue it supports LTE) and I'm not paying that with no guarantee that it'll help. My router is a Netgear MVBR1210C that I bought from Bell in 2013. I live in a very rural area 20 ks outside of Haliburton, On and can't see the tower (hence the antenna). I know Bell switched some transmitters from 3G to 4G (LTE) on the tower I use just before my problems started. When I talk to them on the phone they are always pushing LTE. They don't seem to understand that when reception is the primary concern (not speed) that 3G works better than 4G. But speed is also a problem; my speed right now is .80 Mbps down and 145 Mbps up. In the summer, when the population here increases by a factor of 10-15 (all with smartphones with data), my speeds plummet. On weekends from May 24 to Thanksgiving, the internet is so slow, I often can't get e-mail (or log on to the Bell web-site); can't even run Speedtest. Bell can improve service by improving the tower but they won't spend the $$$. If you find a solution, please let me know.
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