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Sorry, I am not replying to answer your question.

However I have a similar issue. When my Hard Drive Failed on my 9400 Failed a while ago, I just rented a new 9400 from Bell and put my broken 9400 on the shelf.

However decided to try to get the receiver working again (the broken one).
It works to power up. But does the same thing you mention. Green LED on, and RED LED Blinking. No Screen, just dark (unless I pull out the Smart Card and it pop up with PUT SMART CARD BACK IN). So this mean the receiver is alive.
If I put another Smart Card in (from another Reciver) it complains that it's wrong Smart card, and I can access MENU, to check Sat Signal (all good).

From what I read, and what you say, is I have to leave the receiver turned on overnight (with the Satellite hooked to the dishes).
I understand this is STREAM mode, where Receiver is getting new Software, and that is why you have to wait so long.
I just did that, and will wait overnight.

I don't care about a Hard Drive for PVR at this point. Later.

Is that all I have to do? Wait overnight ant the Receiver will wake up.
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