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The best way to use these pods is to install them half way between the router and the dead zone. For longer distances, placing two of them at 1/3 intervals may be required. The pods themselves need to be placed where they will receive a good signal from the router and provide a good signal to the dead zone or additional pod. For outside areas, placing them on an adjacent inside wall may be best. They should not be placed in a dead zone because that will simply create a strong signal with a slow or unusable connection between the pod and the router.

Reception in outside areas may be difficult due to materials in outside walls that block RF signals. For difficult areas it may be necessary to use a Powerline adapter such as the TP-Link TL-WPA8630 kit. The wifi pod would be placed in or near the dead zone with the main unit connected directly to the main router. If placed outside, it would need to be protected from moisture, heat and sunlight.
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