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BlueSky Remote: "TV Input"

My BlueSky remote controls most functions of my Samsung TV.

However, when I use "TV Input" to select another source, something is missing. Selecting "TV Input" brings up the TV set's input selection menu, which covers about 30% of the screen. Repeatedly pressing "TV Input" will scroll through and highlight inputs.

But once highlighted, there is no button on the remote that will select the highlighted input and close the menu. The only recourse is to wait roughly 60 seconds for the menu to time out and disappear.

I have used the remote's programming feature and have tested around 20 5-digit codes for Samsung TV sets. None provides this function.

The Samsung is an older LN46C610N1FXZC.

Here's hoping you can help, and so I'll be able to ditch one of my remotes.
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