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Can't get hard drive to format

I am stumped with a problem I am having with another one of my 9241 receivers. The hard drive went on it and I ordered a replacement on EBay. While I had the case open I changed a few of the caps that were bulging and the rest of the known problem ones also that weren’t showing signs of bulging yet just to be proactive. I have cleared the NVRam according to suggestions and installed the replacement hard drive. I won’t format the drive on its own and when I go to the memory dump screen and press Play, Play, return (the config dump screen pops up even before I get to press Return) I get the message that the hard drive is being cleaned and not to disturb the process and it will reboot upon completion. The system does reboot 3 times with that same hard drive is being cleaned screen appearing for two of the boots. On the third boot it goes to the 311 error screen about hard drive error. I have tried going back into the memory dump screen and doing the short HD test by pressing Pause, 1. It completed the test and all smart results passed. I also tested the drive attached to a PC and it passed all tests. I created a partition and then wiped the drive. But still no luck getting the 9241 to format it. Not sure why it can see the drive, clean it, pass the HD test but I can’t get it to format. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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