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Originally Posted by ExDilbert View Post
The best example is Star Trek which is on Space in Canada but exclusive to CBS All Access in the US. That puts CBS All Access at a disadvantage in Canada.
That's entirely up to CBS isn't it ... if it chooses to sell it's key products elsewhere. They've been selling others too ... The Good Life is now listed as being shown on W. Gosh, did that really net them much $?

Checking though ...most Star Trek isn't exclusive to CBS All Access in the US either. I can see the older series such as TOS and TNG available to stream on Hulu, Prime AND Netflix!

Even STD season 1 can be purchased digitally from Amazon, Apple, Vudu, etc. in the USA.

I don't see any reason a somewhat limited Disney+ (ABC/Disney/ESPN/Hulu) service can't appear in Canada almost as quick as Disney appears in the USA. Presumably they'll do as CBS, price it lower, and have less content than the US, slowly adding stuff as it becomes available.
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