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I don't have a problem with the idea of moving the world to a common standard. But as you say there are so many incompatible connectors over the last few years.

I suggest that the public is used to Lightning, USB type A and HDMI. IMO HDMI is a terrible connector as it has no locking mechanism. USB A is not symmetrical but it is rugged enough that it doesn't break if someone tries to insert it upside down and it has been made to support USB 3, the old kind well enough.
Lightning does work ok and is small and neat but it is proprietary...but many people are used to it many of us have IDevices.
Ethernet is a strange one...the connectors are weak and easy to break off the locking tab but they work fine and have not changed in at least 20 years. The cable has changed in that time but for the general public only those actually using Gb Ethernet would notice.

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