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MTS has updated the CDMA page. All CDMA service will end April 30, 2019.

Some areas have degraded service now and several communities outside Winnipeg will experience "degraded service for voice (including 911), text and data for CDMA customers" beginning April 1.

Roaming outside of Manitoba will also end on April 30.

How do I know if my current device is CDMA?
One of the easiest ways to determine what network your phone is currently using is to check the top corner of the screen next to the wireless network coverage bars. If you have a CDMA device it will display either 1XEV or 1X depending on the data coverage. If you have a SIM card, you do not have a CDMA device.
This will affect people who took advantage of the free cell phone service in a bundle with home phone, TV and internet around 2010. Those phones were CDMA and I know people are still using the same phones. My understanding is that the grandfathered plans aren't transferable once your replace the CDMA phone, but we'll have to see if Bell MTS offers any special retention offers to those customers.

Bell Canada also announced they will be ending CDMA service in the rest of Canada on April 30. See related thread:

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