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So Bell sent me another PVR. This one had pixelated recording after just 2 shows! It was 1% full.

Now I have to wait a week just to verify that same show, same time is also pixelated - even though every show since then has been just as bad.

This is so they can get a tech to come again (third time in a year for same problem). Now they’re thinking it might be the white box where the Fibe comes into the home that’s the issue. Although we should be getting 300Mbps we never get more than 100Mbps (and Bell confirmed this).

On top of that, I’m wondering if our network hub is further slowing things down. Bell Connection Hub speed test said 90-ish speed, but at one point Speedtest app on my iPad said 5 (single digit!) That was when I was recording 3 shows and streaming YouTube.

You’d think Fibe300 (even 100?) should handle that type of load no problem, but I think there’s slowdown somewhere causing it to choke and pixelated recordings are the result. I thought Ethernet to everything would prevent loss, but maybe the network Hub is causing issues?
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