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I think we are being forced to use our computers to watch these events - TSN and SN rather show highlights all day on 5 channels then one of these events.

IndyCar should put together their own streaming service. I'd pay for it and I'm sure they would make money on it.

I watch most of the races after they are done (which is easy to do without spoilers since you won't accidentally hear IndyCar coverage/results on the radio or news unless something tragic happens) and would enjoy a good, clean feed instead of some "grey" broadcast someone put up on YouTube.

I feel bad for older fans (which if like F1's recent report, most race fans are over 40) that have to jump through hoops to see a race. I volunteer with a lot of seniors and they cannot even work a basic cable box with a guide display, so I can't see them understanding how to stream or connect a HDMI cable.
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