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Has the Sportsnet deal with IndyCar expired? It seems it was initially for five years, but it's now been six?
Scott Moore, who negotiated the contract ... is no longer with the Rogers company... I emailed IndyCar and asked about this. I have not heard back. Uh-oh.
As for IMSA, I don't particularly care whether or not a Canadian TV channel shows it as long as it remains available to us on the IMSA website. The FoxSports TV coverage was more like constant repetitive commercials occasionally interrupted by a couple of minutes of actually showing the races.
And, "I do not like, in 2019, watching anything on my computer screen and I lack the technical know-how to hook up my laptop to my big-screen TV."
I don't want to seem too demeaning to a guy who is 75+ years old, but since he apparently can work his computer and his TV, I would assume it shouldn't be such a hugely complicated challenge to use an HDMI cable to connect them and set the TV to view the appropriate input on its screen, or maybe get someone to show him how?
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