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Originally Posted by m3repair View Post
@calltrex you need to clear the nvram before installing the NEW Hard disk, as this will force the receiver to format the disk all by itself normally. Sometimes you may need to leave it connected to a satellite feed overnight for the hard disk to marry to the satellite receiver
Yes this is what I did and it worked flawlessly. I replace my HD in my 9241 with Seagate 500GB ST3500312CS 5900RPM 3.5" SATA Hard Drive for about $45 from Ebay. This is what I did before replacing the HD. I dumped the NVRAM as discussed in this thread by doing this.

Accessing the memory dump screen:
Press Menu, 6 (System Setup), 3 (Diagnostics).
Within 5 seconds press Info, Browse, Theme.

Clear NVRAM:
<<You should be at the Memory Dump screen.>>
Press TV/Video.
A different screen will pop up telling you that you have erased the NVram.
Then just press the power button on the receiver.
You will lose all favorites, timers and customized settings.

I then replaced the HD and the receiver booted up a couple times found the hard drive and formatted it automatically, then rebooted again.

As I lost the remote control function at this point I had to use the buttons on the front of the receiver by pressing "Menu" then getting to "System Setup" then selecting "Installation" then selecting "System Info". In box "i" you will see "Rem Addr" and it was showing "1". I then used the remote control and pressed the "sat" button until all buttons on the top lit up red and then sat button starting flashing green. Within 5 seconds I pressed the "record" button 3 times on the remote control and the "Rem Addr" changed to number "4". Mine did and all was working after that.

Check out the new replaced HD and it works great!

Hope this may help anyone else dealing this issue. Thanks for the many threads people have contributed before to help me fix my 9241 receiver!!!
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