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I thought Netflix via the Fibe box was super convenient, but I have now discovered (feel a bit stupid now) that it is much more compressed compared to the Netflix app in my Sony TV.

As a matter of fact, it appears that Netflix on Fibe is upconverted from 720p and does not even offer 5.1 (at least on my early non-4K Fibe box - the signal says 1080p but it looks upconverted).

I am pretty sure that the crackling comes from the data compression performed by Bell on the Netflix stream in order to limit its bandwidth. It does not become apparent on most systems but some Yamaha receivers like ours may not like it.

Bell is not allowed to limit the Netflix bandwidth streamed directly as an internet service, but they can if its via their box. Which is certainly in their interest but not ours.

So now I am watching Netflix directly on my TV. I have connected the fiber optic audio out of the TV into the Yamaha audio 1 input and the receiver recognizes automatically when I start watching Netflix, now in all its HD glory and 5.1 sound without crackling whatsoever.

The latest Avenger looks so much better that it convinced me to upgrade my Netflix account to 4K since my TV supports it.
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