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Ok. This is what I tried. I unplugged my old 12 year old 30 feet HDMI and plugged it in the HDMI 2.2, bypassing the RX-A3060, and as soon as it plugged in, I had 3840x2160 30hz. So my card can in fact put out 4K albeit in 30hz so I know my PC runs it. Now, even though all my settings on the Yamaha receiver are set to Direct Video processing, it doesn't go higher than 1080P60.

When I go on information tab of my AVR, I can see all the resolutions the receiver can support. From 480i/p, 576 i/p 720 i/p 1080 i/p and 4k 50hz, 60hz and 24hz.

So with this in mind, does that mean my AVR can't put out 4K30 at all? If it doesn't fall between 50,60 or 24, am I right to assume that's why it is bypassing the receiver?

If not, can someone guide me in the right direction? Thanks for your tips so far.

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