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Does anyone else find that Crave is terrible at remembering progress in a series? Often when I go to watch an episode of a series that I'm watching it will try to start me halfway through the previous episode. Annoying.
I have the same issue, almost every time. That's with the Crave app on the same phone without closing down the app or using any other devices. It cannot remember my place from one day to the next but insists on resuming where I left off two sessions previously. One time it even resumed on the wrong season. It skipped from season 2 episode 2 to season 1 episode 6. What a piece of garbage.

Another time I missed the end of an episode and wanted to go back to the previous episode. Crave wouldn't do it. Every time I went to the episode list and told it to play episode 9 it started to play episode 10. It insisted on resuming where I left off despite being told to play a specific episode. After several tries it finally did what I wanted. Annoying? I'd say negligent.

I would expect nothing less from a Canadian service. They're still using the same broken system that TMN Go and Shomi used that have a ridiculous number of cross links to various other web pages and services. The browser based security is so time consuming and frustrating to navigate that they should be paying their customers to figure it out. Almost any type of security or privacy software seems to break it. Netflix is so much easier to use it's like night and day.
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