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@ExDilbert see post 365 - it certainly sounds like Starz will be available either as a separate OTT service or an add-on to Crave. It will probably include the Starz series and the Lionsgate movies. The TV bundles will probably remain as they are - you will be able to buy "Crave + Movies + HBO" and Starz separately or bundle them together for a reduced price.

@Bayguy I searched Zap2it for Counterpart and found season 2 is only on Encore, also on Dec. 9. I discovered a little while ago that if you search the new Zap2it for a program, it will show times a few days beyond the "official" TV grid, which only goes to Dec. 7.

The old Crave streaming service was closer to Hulu in the U.S. in the sense that they mainly had TV shows. I think the few movies they had were HBO TV movies. They did stream the James Bond movies which they bought for TMN, but that was more of an exception.

The new "Crave + Movies + HBO" streaming is closer to "HBO Now" in the U.S. which is a standalone service targeting cord cutters. The prices are almost identical once you account for the exchange rate, with HBO Now at $15 U.S. and Crave+ at $20 CDN.
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