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Stingray Videos will be remove from Popular TV package on January 1st.

I just receive this from this month's bill. Just to give a warning to others that have the same package and didn't see the note.

From time to time, we adjust our channel lineups to reflect the changing viewership
trends of our customers. As of January 1, 2019, Stingray Juicebox, Stingray RETRO,
Stingray LOUD, and Stingray VIBE will no longer be in your TV package. In addition, at the
discretion of the programmer, BBC Kids will also cease operations as of this date and will
no longer be available in your TV package.
The rest of your Rogers TV package will remain the same. If you would like to respond to
this notice, have questions, or wish to cancel or make changes to your TV service, please
call us at 1-888-ROGERS1. Thank you for choosing Rogers."

What I don't understand is I do have Stingray Loud, Vibe and Juicebox. But I never had Stingray Retro (I wish I did) and BBC Kids (wish CBBC was available in Canada instead). The only one I will miss is Juicebox. I love all day music channels. If it still available later, I might add it back with one of those small theme packs.

And like always, I'm guesting that the price I pay will stay the same without replacing the channels. So I'll pay the same for less...
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