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A few weeks ago I found that my built-in Netflix App in my 2014 LG Smart TV (purchased January 2015) stopped working. I can still access the App itself, but each time I launch a movie or a serie, I have a "this title is unavailable, please try again". I think that my 2015 LG just stopped to be maintained, which is definitely possible as this is often the case with Smart TVs (that the manufacture drops update/supports after 3-4 years only). So I returned to my Bell Fibe's receiver built-in Netflix App and then noticed immediately again the "popping/clipping" sound in almost any shows/movies. I think I was watching the 3rd season of Daredevil (which is an amazing show, btw), but I am not sure, anyway...

I finally ended by purchasing a brand new Apple TV 4K, obviously not only for Netflix (as it cost 229$) for my main TV in the living room. The other TV in kid's playroom have a Xbox One S console on it, so I installed the Xbox Netflix App and in my third TV (in master bedroom), I have purchased a Amazon FireStick (basic) earlier in July, during the Prime Days for 29$ and Netflix is working flawlessly on it.

Sorry that I don't bring any solution to the built-in Netflix App in the Bell Fibe's receiver, but as for myself, I just gave up on this and find another (better) way to connect to Netflix.
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