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Shows That Jumped The Shark

Instead of reviving a 14 year-old thread:

I'm just curious what shows others think have "Jumped the Shark" recently?

Shows I use to enjoy, but now loath are:

CBC's Marketplace - what happened to this great show? I haven't watched it in years, but tried a few episodes this year again. It is pathetic. The investigation a few weeks ago on Indian call centres scamming Canadians where the journalist went to India, showed us nothing other than he had some cameras and microphones stolen was pathetic. Just sad for as show that was great at one point.

ABC's Shark Tank / CBC's Dragon's Den - use to have interesting products, now just a bunch of B-list celebrities on Shark Tank, and mostly junk businesses on Dragon's Den. Tired of people crying during their pitches for crap like their cupcake company. The BBC version is still good somehow, and has been on longer.

CBS's Hawaii Five-O - should have been cancelled 2 or 3 seasons ago. These people have worse luck then Charles Bronson's character in the Death Wish movies. Never seen so many bad things happen to the same few people over and over - at least some actors left before it got real bad.

CBS's Survivor - I started to dislike this show when immunity idols were introduced. Now there are immunity idols, idols that cancel out other idols, super idols that can reverse votes, super-duper idols that you can cancel idols on top of idols, combined idols, and after all that, if you get voted out you have several chances to get back in the game. If they went back to simpler rules, I would watch - now it is just a joke and too many gimmicks.

I'm at least glad to see that Ice Road Truckers got cancelled was so boring the last couple season. They needed to mix it up with some new drivers, new routes, new challenges - instead they got lazy and filmed the same people on the same boring trips in Manitoba.
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