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To me, AMIGA is like Indian Motorcycles. It's been sold bought, torn apart, and rebuilt so many times yet never really disappeared.

When the A1000 came out, PC's had 4 colors and the only thing MAC had in comon with AMIGA was the base CPU which was the Motorola MC68000. However, AMIGA could do more and in glorious 4096 colors if using HAM.

I was always amazed at how the A1000 could draw silver, chrome or even just a plain glass of water. To see that was like going from a snowy TV picture to a 4K HDR set.

I guess there is a big waiting list for the card and I don't know if I should wait for version 4 due to even more capabilities. I still say my A2000HD is faster than my i7-7700k when it comes to real multitasking.

If you want to kill an action on PC even with Windows 10 running, insert a known damaged CD or even a corrupted diskette if you still have them, and try using the Windows Explorer. It will say waiting for something, probably crash, and even reboot the Explorer module.

My A2000 doesn't wait. Unless another program decided to jump the fence and piggy back on machine binaries that were not for them, I just have to scroll down as fast as I want and it gives me what I want to see.

I remember back in the day being able to play Lemmings, download stuff from "free" BBS'es but had to pay an arm and a leg for long distance, print something that was needed by my girlfriend ,while listening to MOD music from Pro-Tracker. Nothing was impossible as long as I had memory for it.

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