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AMIGA Renaissance?

Have any of you people seen the new interest in AMIGA nowadays? I just happened to search for something about my A2000HD and what a surprise I got. There is actually some kind of a plug-on as it goes directly where the MC68000 plugs in, and boosts that to a whooping 68060 at 100mhz or something. Here I thought I had done good upgrading mine to a rare 68010 with a few more instruction coding.

The product I'm talking about is called Vampire 500 V2+. Not only does it make it faster, it adds USB port, HDMI output and ethernet input via some gizmo. They just released the updated OS to 3.1.4.

I'm curious to see if any of you ever owned one and if so, which one?

My first was the A1000 bought from a friend at an awesome price. Then I saw Dragons Lair playing on an A500 computer and I was hooked. Then few years back, bought a used A2000HD and another friend of mine, gave me his PC-AT JANUS Bridgeboard emulator board to run MS-DOS or even Win3.0 .

I might get the new card that would make it faster. Still have a few programs that I used to love to make sound effects or better, watch the cool demos from the hackers scene. What they could achieve for the times, was out of this world.

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