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Ever since the animated series piggy-backed on the fan-success of the original series, Star Trek has always been re-imagined. So, after TOS, nothing has been the same as the original. I remember how some people were so upset at the TNG Klingons being so different... and now it's deja vu... updated Klingons for an updated audience. STD reminds me of the latest movies which are more action-orientated, like before them The Wrath of Khan and First Contact. Yes, definitely too much action but I guess that's what younger audiences want.

Every new movie and series takes the basic Trek template and pushes it further based on contemporary effects and culture. It just can't remain stuck in the 60s. So it is the same yet not the same. Spock to Data to hologram Doctor to 7of9 to Saru .... all of them using the same character template of identity crisis/conflicts/fitting in.

I'm hoping STD develops more character-driven arcs and amusing/optimism.

I've enjoyed reading the STD novels.
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