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@Bayguy Space updated the free preview entry that @SHEBERT posted:

Doctor Who—October 7 at 1:45PM e 10:45AM p

When I said that Zap2it didn't have the afternoon premiere yet, I should have said they didn't have the correct time for the afternoon premiere, since they don't have it at 10:45AM your time. Space probably distributed that preliminary info to Zap2it and the other guides before it had the precise time that the BBC would air the program. Space will show it again at 8PM ET which works out to 5PM PT. I doubt they will show it twice in the afternoon for a total of 3 times in 1 day.

I found that the BBC says the episode length is 1 hour, 4 minutes (Source) and I don't think BBC airs commercials, so double-check your PVR schedule if you plan to record.


The SHOWTIME comedy series BLACK MONDAY is set to premiere on CraveTV in January 2019, so it will probably air on TMN as well. (Source)
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