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Leaving MTS Discussions, Rants, Etc.

My 80 year old mother-in-law cancelled her BellMTS last week and was told that she would have to mail the equipment back because apparently you can no longer return it to their stores. When she explained that she had no boxes since they took them when they installed the equipment, they told her to buy some boxes and bubble-wrap! She was then told that if she paid a $45.00 fee that they would come and pick them up. Even though the family thought that this was ridiculous, she said she would pay it and arrangements were made. Today they phoned her and told her that they would not be sending anyone and that she would have to send it back. I have 2 problems with this: Why is she on the hook for the cost of shipping supplies and why is the CRTC allowing Bell to basically punish people who no longer want the services that they provide? I am furious and will never use Bell for any of my services in the future, and since my 2 year contract with Shaw is just about up, Bell lost the business that they would have had from me as I am basically a jumper from one service to another looking for the best price. Will also be moving my cell contract at the end of this month from Bell to Telus or Rogers, so this new policy they have for MB since they bought MTS is costing them at least 230.00 a month from me alone.
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