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I think when they bid they pick entire seasons, then they can sell the rights to some smaller games to other networks. Oh and MediaSet Italia Canada is NOT HD, its SD with widescreen squeezed anamorphically.

In respect to your comment ottvee, it's Soccer man. People who enjoy Soccer and other sports don't really fall into the same categories as cord cutters. The problem is most people when they make these remarks, they only think of the youth and young generations, millennials, there are lots of other people out there much older, established, not so much into playing with their phones and watching videos on their phones or tablets and not into multi tasking and twitter and the whole nine yards and would like to have a simple life and just come home from work or if they're retired come home, sit on the couch, press the Power button on their remote, punch in the channel number and sit down and watch the game and any commercials. People still do these things, and they are less stressed in life than these millennials, and not everyone wants to watch something when they want, sports is more enjoyable when you watch it live. I tried to watch a game once on demand but man it was so hard cus everyone was calling me and texting me back about the game and it ruined the experience
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