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Help me make use of an old Netbook - movies

About 3 years ago I bought an old refurbished Netbook, Dell Latitude 2110 - although I wouldn't be surprised if it was actually one that had never been used, other than to install Windows 7.

It's purpose was really just as a spare ("in case") with the possibility of using it as a bedside radio, instead of taking my Gateway laptop up to my room and re-plugging etc. Plus, it was dirt cheap for $60.

I found it painfully slow but not too bad once it "got going" and I upgraded to maximum 2gb RAM with minimal improvement.

Two years ago, having not really been able to use it as hoped, I watched some episodes of a TV show previously downloaded to a thumbdrive while my Gateway was indisposed for some reason. The video playback worked fine.

Fast-forward to now, I have a new main laptop and my Gateway is the spare. I have a nice bedside radio from Amazon, nothing expensive but great sound and it plays a thumbdrive. So, for those times when I don't want to listen to CBC (the night and early morning schedule at weekends ) I can listen to a podcast from a thumbdrive. There's no need to have a laptop upstairs.

But I would still like to get some use from the mini-dell, otherwise I may as well bin it. Since it's only a ten incher, the obvious use would be connected to TV, effectively making it a streaming media player.

I occasionally stream Soccer from England (when a game I want isn't on TSN/SN) and I watch some TV/Movies by streaming or download for later, including from BBC. I watch on my laptop, but if I could do it via a larger TV, that would be another option.

Before buying the necessary VGA/HDMI converter, yesterday I checked the mini-dell and streaming didn't work. The audio came on before the picture. I double checked to make sure it wasn't just an out of synch playback like you sometimes get.

I tried a previously downloaded and viewed movie from a thumbdrive. It kept breaking up visibly and sticking while the audio continued. I did this with three different downloads. One, a TV show, wasn't as bad as the movies, but still not watchable.

All that's happened between when playback was good two years ago and now is an SSD and upgrading W7 to W10.

SSDs and W10 are supposed to make older devices work better. I can't say W10 has although the SSD has.

Any reason why W10 would have a negative effect? Is there something I can usefully do to get streaming/playback working again? Should I give up, retrieve the SSD and toss the netbook?
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