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Frankfurt airport, which I assume has similar vending machines to other airports in Europe, have pay as you go Simcards for 10 euros - which come with several hours of long distance talk time to Canada included (time depends on the carrier you buy - but the lowest I've bought is 2 hours for that price).

I've never shopped around, you can probably save some cash by buying them outside the airport and do some research ahead of time on the best carriers/rates where you are going.

Bring the little tool that came with your iphone to change the card right at the vending machine as the kiosks that sell the same cards charge a few euro installation fee.

Like I said earlier, I've never shopped around - just bought whatever at an airport vending machine/kiosk and I'm sure better deals can be had if you aren't in a hurry or have time to go to a convenience store/gas station with other options.

Your phone will work the same as if you had it on in Canada - just with a local number and very cheap rates.
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