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Originally Posted by ExRobotGuy View Post
Mr 57. are you saying that if I use Apple or Google maps and GPS I use/pay for data, but if I preload a map screenshot and use GPS I don't? GPS is in 'real-time' the screen shot is a static image. I don't understand.

As for 'bookmarks', isn't that the same thing as a saved URL?
1. If you use Apple Maps or Google Maps while connected to data, you will be paying for data.

2. A screenshot is simply like looking at a piece of paper, but you don't need paper. It's a separate item from above or below.

3. By having data turned off, but looking at Google maps for your destination the day before, the map is usually still available for you to see where you are via the GPS function of the phone or iPad, however, it will not give you directions, etc like it would when connected to data. I usually find this adequate for my needs and saves me $ (data).

4. I suppose you could call a saved URL a bookmark, although a saved url could be saved in any app and not necessarily be a bookmark.

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