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This is one of the reasons why my wife was tired of her iPhone. We have small kids and they are at the age where they do not always know right from wrong. My kids have caused my wife's iPhone screen to crack 3 TIMES. Replacing it has been getting costly and with a recent change in our financial situation, we have no choice but to opt for the cheaper priced Aftermarket Screens you see from the Flea Marketes and independant shops. My wifes now using an Android but her old iPhone still works despite the crack on the screen caused by my God Daughter grabbed the phone and threw it down a flight of stairs for no apparent reason, shes young so she does not know any better so life goes on.

I pray that nothing happens to our Android phones, as I recently invested in a hard screen protector and a hard shell case which covers the entire phone. wanna know something? my wifes phone must have took a hard drop or something because the screen protector is slightly shattered in the corner but the screen underneath it is still perfect condition so yay I highly recommend them.
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